Friday, December 16, 2005


They are the devices that are helpful in getting the purest form of waters in domestic and commercial usage. They are Ideal for allergy sufferer’s .The distillers are widely used in laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals, doctors and surgeries. When they are filled with distilled waters they make 4 liters of distilled water in approximately 5 hours.
Steam distilled water: These are the purest form of water. A water distiller takes in nature's process of evaporation and condensation in a chamber, leaving all impurities after such as inorganic minerals, chemicals etc.
The Distillation procedure takes off waterborne contaminants, which are furnished such as:
Organic and inorganic chemicals
Toxic metals (including fluoride)
Volatile gases
Cysts and other contaminants

The distilled waters are free from inorganic minerals of any kind and hence they are the best cleansing agents the body can always have. Distilled water is always necessary for making colloidal silver.