Monday, December 11, 2006

A Way of Life

Many people use this manifestation as a way to talk about their survival and how they examine their everyday life. What they fail to distinguish, however, is the fact that their way of living is allied in a much broader type than they think. Anthropologists study these categories large, narrow, present, and past to try and find out what accurately a "way of life" was for individual cultures.
By studying these cultures Anthropologists try and realize different methods of survival. They have also exposed a few major social institutions that all cultures have a common link together. These social institution are the root for which culture is founded. In order for a culture to become distinct from other cultures it has to pertain different rules and change around these institutions. Anthropologists use these social institutional changes to appreciate the development of a culture and their way of being. They research these processes through fieldwork regularly. By using fieldwork as a means of research they can directly examine, interview, survey, and then analyze the situation. This gives them to lead of seeing with their own eyes what take place within a culture.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Modern ice cream

In the 18th century cream, milk, and egg yolks began to feature in the recipes of previously dairy-free flavored ices, resulting in ice cream in the modern sense of the word. The 1751 edition of The Art of Cookery, Made Plain and Easy by Hanna Glasse features a recipe for raspberry cream ice. 1768 saw the publication of L'Art de Bien Faire les Glaces d'Office by M. Emy, a cookbook devoted entirely to recipes for flavored ices and ice cream.

Ice cream was introduced to the United States by colonists who brought their ice cream recipes with them. Confectioners, many of whom were Frenchmen, sold ice cream at their shops in New York and other cities during the colonial era. Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson were known to have regularly eaten and served ice cream. Dolley Madison is also closely associated with the early history of ice cream in the United States.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Economy of Kerala

Since its amalgamation as a state, Kerala's financial system largely operated under welfare-based democratic communist principles; nevertheless, the state is increasingly along with the rest of India liberalizing its economy, thus moving to a more mixed market with a greater role played by the free marketplace and foreign direct investment. Kerala's supposed gross domestic product is an estimated 89451.99 crore INR, while recent GDP growth has been vigorous compared to historical averages.

Nevertheless, relatively few major corporations and developed plants choose to operate in Kerala; this is mitigated by remittances sent home by abroad Keralites, which contributes around 20% of state GDP. Kerala's per capita GDP 11,819 INR is significantly senior than the all-India average, even though it still lies far below the world average. Additionally, Kerala's Human Development Index and normal of living statistics are the nation's best.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


The basic parts of a tree are the roots, trunk, branches, twigs and leaves. Tree stems consist mainly of carry and transport tissues. Wood consists of xylem cells, and woof is made of phloem and other tissues outside to the vascular cambium.

Trees may be generally grouped into exogenous and endogenous trees according to the way in which their stem diameter increases. Exogenous trees, which include the great bulk of contemporary trees, grow by the addition of new wood outwards, right away under the bark. Endogenous trees, mostly in the monocotyledons, grow by addition of new material inwards.

As an exogenous tree grows, it creates growth rings. In temperate climates, these are usually visible due to changes in the rate of growth with heat variation over a yearly cycle. These rings can be counted to conclude the age of the tree, and used to date cores or even timber taken from trees in the past; this perform is known as the science of dendrochronology. In some humid regions with constant year-round weather, growth is continuous and different rings are not formed, so age resolve is impossible. Age willpower is also impossible in endogenous plants.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Synthetic rubber

Another plastic that was critical to the war attempt was "synthetic rubber", which was produced in a range of forms.
The first synthetic rubber polymer was obtained by Lebedev in 1910. Practical imitation rubber grew out of studies published in 1930 written separately by American Wallace Carothers, Russian scientist Lebedev and the German scientist Hermann Staudinger. These studies led in 1931 to one of the first winning synthetic rubbers, known as "neoprene", which was residential at DuPont under the direction of E.K. Bolton. Neoprene is highly unwilling to heat and chemicals such as oil and gasoline, and is used in fuel hoses and as an insulating material in machinery.
Worldwide natural rubber goods were limited and by mid-1942 most of the rubber-producing regions were under Japanese control. Military trucks wanted rubber for tires, and rubber was used in almost every other war machine. The U.S. government launched a major effort to expand and refine synthe

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Volcanic activity

A trendy way of classifying magmatic volcanoes goes by their occurrence of eruption, with those that erupt regularly called active, those that have erupted in historical times but are now quiet called latent, and those that have not erupted in historical times called extinct. However, these popular classifications vanished in particular are practically meaningless to scientists. They use classifications which refer to a particular volcano's formative and eruptive processes and ensuing shapes, which was explained above.
There is no actual consensus among volcanologists on how to define an "active" volcano. The natural life of a volcano can vary from months to several million years, making such a distinction sometimes worthless when compared to the life spans of humans or even civilizations. For example, many of Earth's volcanoes have erupted dozens of times in the past few thousand years but are not at present showing signs of eruption. Given the long lifespan of such volcanoes, they are very vigorous. By our life spans, however, they are not. Complicating the definition are volcanoes that become restless but do not actually erupt.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Architectural history

Architecture first evolves out of the dynamics between needs and means. Prehistoric and primordial construction. As human’s progress and knowledge began to be formalized through oral traditions and practices, architecture evolved into a craft. Here there is first a process of trial and error, and later making do or duplication of a victorious trial.
Early human settlements were essentially rural. As surplus of production began to occur, rural societies malformed into urban ones and cities begin to evolve. In much ancient civilization such as the Egyptians' and Mesopotamians' architecture and urbanism reflected the constant appointment with the divine and the mystical, while in other ancient cultures such as Iran architecture and urban preparation was used to exemplify the command of the state.
Islamic construction has a long and complex history beginning in the seventh century CE. Examples can be found throughout the countries that are, or were, Islamic - from Morocco and Spain to Turkey other examples can be found in areas where Muslims are a underground. Islamic architecture includes mosques, madras as, caravanserais, palaces, and mausoleum of this large district.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Flower evolution

While land plants have exist for about 425 million years, the first ones reproduced by a simple variation of their aquatic counterpart; spores. In the sea, plants and some animals can simply scatter out little living copies of themselves to float left and grow elsewhere. This is how early plants, such as the modern fern, are thought to have reproduced. But plants soon began protecting these copies to deal with ventilation out and other abuse which is even more possible on land than in the sea. The protection became the seed...but not, yet, flowers. Early seed-bearing plants include the ginkgo, conifers and fir trees. But the first fossil proof of actual flowers appears only 130 million years ago.
Unfortunately, there is no fossil evidence of exactly how flowers evolved; the confirmation has them springing in advanced form into the fossil record. This was recognized almost immediately during the development of progress theory, the strange appearance of flowers in the fossil record being called by Charles Darwin the Abominable Mystery.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


A spear is an ancient weapon used for hunting and war, consisting of a shaft, usually of wood, with a sharpened head. The head may be simply the sharpened end of the shaft itself, as is the case with bamboo spears, or it may be of another material fastened to the shaft. The most common design is of a metal spearhead, shaped somewhat like a dagger.
Spears were arguably one of the most common personal weapons from the late Bronze Age until the advent of firearms. They may be seen as the ancestor of such weapons as the lance, the halberd, the naginata and the pike. One of the earliest weapons fashioned by human beings and their ancestors, it is still used for hunting and fishing, and its influences can still be seen in contemporary military arsenals as the rifle mounted bayonet.
Spears can be used as both melee and ballistic weapons. Spears used primarily for thrusting tend to have heavier and sturdier designs than those intended exclusively for throwing. Two of the most noted throwing spears are the javelin thrown by the ancient Greeks and the pilum used by the Romans.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cultural Landscape

Cultural landscape is the true meaning of all of the provisions to be clear in this paper. The meaning of a term is not theoretical to enclose the same word being distinct; however in this case, all five terms can be summed under the main description of cultural landscape. Given this indecent method of crucial terms, cultural landscape will be definite properly first with the residual terms being clear following. The five terms are cultural region, cultural diffusion, cultural ecology, cultural integration, and cultural landscape.

As it applies to this paper, cultural landscape is the individual geographer’s term for perspective on the position of humans, their income, significant geographic landmarks, socio-economic status, belief systems, and why they evolved to what they are today. There are many other factors that are a part of the explanation of cultural landscape. The focus will be on the aforementioned terms.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ethnic diversity

The Affirmative action can be defined as action taken to compensate for past unfairness in the education of minorities. The present system of affirmative action allows universities to admit applicants from certain ethnic and minority groups with lower credentials. The main aim of affirmative action is to produce a diverse campus population that is comparable to today's society. The use of race as a main factor by which someone is admitted to college in the long run will compromise the quality of the university. By Implicating affirmative action to solve the problem of diversity on today's campuses has lead to the creation of problems. The discrimination which is against Caucasian and Asian American students a long with the toleration of lower quality work produced by African American students and other minority students is an example of the problems caused by the Affirmative Action. Though the affirmative action intends to do good, which lowers the standards by which certain racial groups are admitted to college is not the way to solve the problem of diversity in America's universities. The present condition of America's public schools is directly responsible for the poor academic achievement of minority children.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


The International Committee of the Red Cross or ICRC is a secretive institution of humanitarian in Geneva, Switzerland. To defend the fatalities of international and internal armed conflicts, ICRC has an exclusive ability based on the international humanitarian law of the Geneva. Thee victims include the war wounded, prisoners, refugees, civilians, and other non-combatants in common. ICRC is one among the part of the Red Cross Movement, beside to this there are many other participants like International Federation and 185 National Societies. This is the most oldest and the pleased organization within the Movement and one of the most widely recognized organizations in the world, having won three Nobel Peace Prizes in 1917, 1944, and 1963.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Super Computer

A supercomputer is a computer that leads the world in terms of processing capacity and speed of calculation. New York World newspaper in 1929 to refer to a large custom-built tabulators IBM made for Columbia University first used the term “Super Computing”. Super Computers introduced in the year 1960s and were designed by Seymour Cray at Control Data Corporation (CDC), and led the market into the 1970s. The term supercomputer itself is rather fluid, and today's supercomputer tends to become tomorrow's also-ran. Technologies developed for Supercomputers include: Vector processing Liquid cooling Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) Striped disks Parallel file systems Supercomputers traditionally gained their speed over conventional computers through the use of innovative designs that allow them to perform many tasks in parallel, as well as complex detail engineering. They tend to be specialized for certain types of computation, usually numerical calculations, and perform poorly at more general computing tasks. Their memory hierarchy is very carefully designed to ensure the processor; much of the performance difference between slower computers and supercomputers is due to the memory hierarchy. Their I/O systems tend to be designed to support high bandwidth, with latency less of an issue, because supercomputers are not used for transaction processing. Supercomputers are used for highly calculation-intensive tasks such as weather forecasting, climate research (including research into global warming), molecular modeling (computing the structures and properties of chemical compounds, biological macromolecules, polymers, and crystals), physical simulations (such as simulation of airplanes in wind tunnels, simulation of the detonation of nuclear weapons, and research into nuclear fusion), cryptanalysis, and the like. Major universities, military agencies and scientific research laboratories are heavy users.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

baby care

Baby care is the most important protection which os to be taken . The care should be taken with the necessary like health, welfare, maintenance and protection of infants. The practical application of early childhood education and development is this. It could be developed on two levels the is about the physical well-being of the baby and the other one is about the mental well-being of a baby.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Sinkholes, also known as sinks, shakeholes or dolina (in the Slovene language dolina means valleys), and cenotes, are formed by the collapse of cave roofs and are a feature of landscapes that are based on limestone bedrock. The result is a depression in the surface topography. This may range anywhere from a small, gentle earth-lined depression, to a large, cliff-lined chasm. Most often there is a small area of rock exposure near or at the bottom of a sinkhole, and a patent opening into the cave below may or may not be visible. In the case of exceptionally large sinkholes, such as Cedar Sink at Mammoth Cave National Park, there may actually be a stream or river flowing into the bottom of the sink from one side and out the other side.

Sinkholes often form in low areas where they form drainage outlets for an closed local surface drainage basin. They may also form in currently high and dry locations. Florida has been known for having frequent sinkholes, especially in the central part of the state.

Sinkholes are usually but not always linked with a karst landscape. Karst represents a set of surface features that are characteristic of limestone under the soil. In many such regions, there may be hundreds or even thousands of sinkholes in a small area so that the surface as seen from the air looks pock-marked. Often in such areas there are few or no flowing streams on the surface because the drainage is all sub-surface.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Features of ambiLOG web

• Additional web-based module for ambiLOG
• Additional web browser interfaces available
• All reports from ambiLOG available
• Automatic synchronisation with ambiLOG
• Easy to use with your web browser
• Multilingual
• Supports Linux, Unix and Windows platform
AmbiLOG: call accounting for SwyxWare

For the vast majority of businesses, telephony is still the most popular form of business communication. Therefore it is critical that the effectiveness of this tool is easy to monitor and account for. For example, do you know which parts of your business generate the highest calling costs, or how many calls fail to reach you because of busy lines, or when exactly your peak hours are?
Many modern computer-based PBXs can provide customers with a wealth of valuable data but that data is often hidden in endless columns of numbers. ambiLOG is a flexible and convenient tool that works in conjunction with SwyxWare to make the available information easy to analyse.

Solution overview

ambiLOG’s clear and well-organised user inter-face makes it easy to use even for
beginners. The standard ambiLOG version runs on any Windows PC or server. There is an optional web-client called ambiLOG Web which lets you use all ambiLOG features over the internet. In addition ambiLOG can also send reports automatically by email. The power of ambiLOG Queries are one of ambiLOG’s most powerful features. With queries, you can easily sort and filter large and small files containing call data. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping the relevant search criteria in the order you need. The result: an instantaneous structured overview of all the data.
The reporting features with ambiLOG make this a valuable tool for monitoring costs within your business. You can see at a glance which users, projects, departments or extensions have generated the highest costs and how much time has been spent on the phone. And, the option to see a concise overview of the top 10 highest costs as well as a detailed report with all connections allows you to spend just as much time as you need managing your business. You even have the choice of how to view the reports - in text or graphical form. Customisable for your business with fully automated operation ambiLOG features can be implemented to reflect the internal structure of your company such as departments, project groups and employees. In addition, users can be imported from your SwyxServer and linked to extensions and user information created in ambiLOG. Once configured, ambiLOG works fully automatically if you want it to. By setting up schedules, ambiLOG can automatically gather date from the SwyxServer and generate reports which can be sent to you via email.

Online home sales have become more prominent in the real estate field. As per the recent data it’s recorded that most of the prominent states in USA and other prominent states worldwide prefer to sell home fast and therefore look forward for professionals who buy houses for cash and complete the real estate transactions quickly and easily within a short span of time. The deliberate devise of the internet in the web world has fastened the rate of home sales in this way. The online home sales professionals have real estate listings on their site covering most of the prominent states and other provinces worldwide especially USA, UK and Europe.

This novel strategy with which the people can make their home buying and selling process themselves by just sitting at home browsing through the net. This is the best way the buyer or seller prefers without lose of time and energy. More over there is no brokerage commission or any other fees to be paid to the online home sale professionals because they provide all the information’s cost free because they want to achieve a fast rate buying & selling process in the real estate field with their valued customers.

Some of online home buyers buy any type of homes for sales confined to a particular locality. They buy old, ugly, ruined, spoilt, damaged houses which are not preferred by most of the home buyers. They buy houses for cash demanded by the home seller. Home selling process which was very tiresome to people sometime back has now turned to be an easy going process with online home sale experts. In spite of high competition in the real estate field for new houses in most of the important destinies, the online home sales experts have proved to gather more homes in the market. They can easily buy homes for sale in such places.
Any lay man can make the home buying & selling process easy by just gathering the information’s in the internet. The online home sales professionals would be glad to welcome you and find the dream house for you in just few days time. They also give ample information’s regarding the search for a home in a particular city. Nowadays home buyers are very particular in selecting their house and for this reason; most of the online realtors furnish all the details of the house in the real estate listings along with the photos, sketch and maps of the house destined to the particular location within the country. They also help people to find houses in the country where they are recently relocated.
India tourism

We organize tourism in India, building India tourism a pleasurable affair. We offer variable custom-made travel tour India packages customized to cover Indiana tourism in a more successful way. You can merge into the India culture sports and tourism surrounded by India tour breaks. gives you all the information essential for an unforgettable experience in India tourism. Make the best opportunity to tour and travel in India – a country of culture and conditions.
Vacation Villas

A villa is a luxurious house built for the upper class people of Rome. An ancient author and Natural philosopher Mr. Pliny describes more in writtings about the Roman villas of the empire. He categorises the villas as two types they are the villa urbana and villa rustica. The villa urbana was a country seat which could easily be reached within a night or two from the Rome or another city. And the villa rustica is the farm house estate. These farm house estates are permanently occupied by the servants who had charge generally of the estate, which would center on the villa itself, perhaps these villas are seasonally occupied.

The dwelling quarters, consisting of several low buildings, included recreation facilities and lodgings for the servants. The villa rustica, which is the farmhouse type, had barns, orchards, and vineyards, and the villa urbana type which are used as a pleasure retreat had the incidental garden architecture adorned with fountains and sculptures.

There are other villas that originated during different periods like post-roman villas, renaissance villas, Palladio’s villas, English villas and modern villas.
Florida Lifestyle

Florida is an enchanting city located in southern United States. This magical land is filled with fun and excitement. Popularly called as “The Sunshine City”, Florida exhibits a wonderful moderate climate through out the year. The major attraction in Florida is its superb weather, this city experiences long and warm summers and cool winters. Extremes of climate are very rare in Florida. This is the reason for the migration of elderly people from the colder northern parts of United States. This pleasant weather also attracts a lot of tourists. The most fascinating aspect of Florida is its diversified cities. Each city located in Florida houses something unique and different.

People flock to Florida not only for its tourist attractions but also for its employment opportunities. Florida presents a variety of job opportunities; this is because mixtures of industries are present in this state. There are many media and gaming industries in various cities in Florida, so people interested in this field come to Florida. This state contains a lot of software and hardware industries, which invites all the software and hardware professionals.

Living in the orange country Florida gives you a fabulous experience. The taxes collected in Florida are, the sales tax, the use tax, intangible tax and the corporate income tax. There is no need to pay the personnel income tax in Florida. Some people consider the cost of living in Florida to be a bit expensive; the housing prices are also high in and around the state of Florida.

All kinds of foodstuffs are available in Florida. Owing to its suitable climate it produces a variety of fruits and vegetables. Florida is the dream place for people from other parts of the world; the reason for this is the breadth taking “Disney Land” in Orlando. This popular attraction point receives more than a million of visitors every year. Florida’s major part of economy comes from the tourists industry, while the other kind of manufacturing industries also give a helping hand.

Since millions of people visit Florida, this state is also filled with restaurants, bars and clubs. Florida contains a large variety of restaurants, and these restaurants serve different cuisines. Nightclubs and bars are also popular in this city.
Florida Vacation Resort

Florida is the most beautiful state in southeast United States. Florida is situated on the peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean and Straits of Florida. The Florida also has a Spanish adjective meaning called flowery. Tallahassee is the capital for the state florida. Jacksonville is the largest city in florida. The Florida has a nickname called "The Sunshine State". In United States the Central florida is called the lightning capital. Florida is said to be the most beautiful state in United States. It has various vacation spots like disney land, busch garden, sea world, everglades, florida beaches and many more. Orlando has become the most popular tourist area, because of disney world. As the major attraction is tourism in florida, it plays the major part for improving the florida economy.

Florida, being the harbor city invites enormous tourists to spend their holidays in an unimagined way. Authentic Florida will help you discover a new thrill and excitement throughout your vacation in the prominent places of interest such as the Orlando coastline beach, the Disney land, etc, of the sunshine state. Finding the best rentals/villas in such a place in very difficult but the private rentals/villas organizers over there help you to reduce your time in sorting out luxury rentals in such places.

Florida, being an island is simply magnificent surrounded by water. If mankind has thought of a water sport, then it is bound to be available here. Parasailing above the water, skiing on the water and swimming in the water sounds to be a thrilling experience both for the young and the old. Besides all these attractions, finding a comfortable place to stay is a bit tedious process for the visitors. The private luxury rental home owner’s help people discover the luxurious and all expected rentals at affordable rates confined to a particular area. They also offer flexible services to their customers by providing them the best standardized rentals and make them feel it as a home away from home. All the private rentals/villas are confined to the prominent places which make the tourists feel comfortable in sighting through the places in and around Florida.

The tourists will find all the information and details about the privately owned vacation rentals or villas in Florida when they browse online. Many private rentals/villas offer much information on the luxury rental homes with all the needs and standards to satisfy the tourists. They also provide the travelers with certain tips to help them plan their vacation in the new place and suggest visiting nearby places including various new entertainment and activities put forth by some organizations in Florida especially for children. They also offer the tourists with the opportunity of selecting the rental home of their own choice in any prominent locality of their interest. They have flexible rentals to suit all needs whether it being just a couple or the whole extended family. Private vacation rental homes are privately owned and are situated in desirable locations. Their rental homes offer their special attention to the tourists from various parts oft the world who are new to Florida and provide them with all the details that many hotels are unable to offer making a villa holiday a true home from home experience.
Auto Transport

Transportation was considered to be a luxury in the ancient times but now it has become a real necessity. Man being a technological animal has developed various modes of transportation. In which auto-transport stands out to be the striking feature.
Vehicle shipping is not a very easy task, before this vehicle shipping came in to existence, people were helpless about transporting there vehicles. So if they needed to move out of the city or country their vehicle transportation was impossible. But auto transport served to be a real remedy for this problem.
Auto transportation service is nothing but a carrier service which transports your vehicles, across the city or country. If you plan to leave the country or city then you are now free to take your vehicle with you. This service is economical than selling your own vehicle in one place and then buying the same in another new place.
Auto transport proves to be the best way, or it is the only way of shipping your adored vehicles safely. But there are some basic points to be checked before selecting a auto- transportation service.

1. First we need to check whether our vehicles are in safe hands, so that our vehicles remain undamaged during the transportation process.
2. Regardless of the mode of transportation employed we have to obtain insurance for our vehicle. This proves to be a protective method.
3. The services offered by the vehicle shipping company should be taken into consideration. Their delivery services and our conveniences should be taken into account.
4. If our vehicle needs to be stored, be it short or long term, we have to check whether the storage facilities are up to the mark.
5. If you need to check whether any company is properly licensed then visit the website of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
6. Before you ship your vehicle enquire about the transportation time in advance, check out whether the company offers speedy vehicle shipping
7. Confirm with the company about their inspection services.
8. Enquire about the conditions and environment about the carrier which is used to transport your vehicle.
9. And finally select a company which demands a fair shipping price in accordance with their services.
Mp3 player Accessories

We are living in a millennium where the technological advancements are above imagination. One such mind blowing audio breakthrough is the mp3 players. These mp3 players come in a variety of sizes ranging from huge players to small handy ones which could be carried everywhere. The mp3 player also called as the audio digital player comes with fancy buttons, cute icons, smart accessories and unbelievable features. They also possess an interactive display. You get players consisting of a variety of display. The display sizes also range from small to big. Mp3 players can be used with so many different accessories.

Nowadays we are able to use these players to connect to our computers where we can transfer files from our computer to the mp3 player. This ability makes the mp3 player very useful and also it avoids the use of compact disks. The innovative gadgets and accessories used with the mp3 player is aeat technological progress. The storage capacity in the mp3 player is much larger when compared to other storage medium. This high storage capacity is achieved, because all the files are stored in a compressed manner. You can even download free mp3 files from the internet legally. The mp3 players reached the heights of popularity because these audio digital players emphasized on quality. Quality is one unbeatable factor in these
Teen Credit Card Debt

3. Parents should take it as a part of their responsibility to teach the teens to use the credit card only in necessary & emergency situations. As the proverb goes “The keys to success is education”, parents must be patient enough to teach their children starting from the beginning the values of financial basics and the importance of spending money in a useful way. Experts say parents should take several steps before giving a credit card to their child. They should keep their child trained in various perspectives such as writing a check and tracking money, proper usage of a debit card, teach them how credit card works explaining them how the balance is paid within the grace period and other key terms such as late fees, etc. parents should not stop with this, they should instantly monitor the child’s usage and build up their level of responsibility. In summary credit card education would be good to keep the teens and make them use credit card in a clever way and be away from increasing unpaid balances.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

5c collet chuck

Machine tool accessories is a need for users to be able to quickly and easily install or remove particular cutting bits or other accessories from the powered rotating spindle of the machine tool. Lathe headstock has a rotating spindle to which one may want to mount a spur drive. The machine tool can present a threaded spindle, to which accessories are screwed. The machine tool may have a permanent chuck. The different types are collet chuck, jaw chuck, lathe chuck, Sjogren speed chucks, and 5c collet chuck.

A simple, low cost, and versatile option is to hollow out a truncated conical void in the rotating spindle, coaxial with the axis of rotation. Tools or accessories can then have a mating male conical shaped shank, which precisely fits into the void. The pressure of the spindle against the workpiece serves to drive the tapered shank tightly into the tapered receptable. The friction across the entire surface area of the interface provides a surprisingly large amount of torque transmission; so that splines or keys are not required. This system is known as a machine taper.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Speed of light

The speed of light in a vacuum is exactly 299,792,458 metres per second (or 1,079,252,848.8 km/h, which is approximately 186,282.397 miles per second, or 670,616,629.4 miles per hour; sometimes roughly 300,000 km per second). This value is denoted by the letter c, reputedly from the Latin celeritas, "speed", and also known as Einstein's constant. Note that this speed is a definition, not a measurement, in that the fundamental SI unit of distance, the metre, is defined in terms of the speed of light: one metre is the distance light travels in a vacuum in 1/299,792,458 of a second. The speed of light through a transparent medium (that is, not in vacuum) is less than c; the ratio of c to this speed is called the refractive index of the medium. cheap spanish holiday wiley x outdoor villa lighting

Monday, January 09, 2006


Advantages of debt consolidation
1. Reduction of average interest rate:
Taking multiple credit interest rate (which varies from one credit card to another) in to account will have a high interest when compared to one single credit interest for the whole amount with a low interest rate. So an individual may choose this option to reduce his interest rate.
2. Reduction to one credit payment:
An individual may use many credit cards and pay his bills for all the credit cards. This may need a good management technique depending up on the number of cards in use. If you use more number of credit cards then the planning need to be done more appropriately and executed timely where as if you have one credit card your job is done in a way simple and easily executable. One hence opts to shift from multiple loan payments to one loan payment program replacing all the rest.
3. Reduction of past interest or penalty charges:
One opting for debt consolidation may go for reduction of past interest or penalty charges paid for the borrowed amount under certain options. Options include high interest rate or penalty charges placed for the credited amount, when the total amount paid in the history till date exceeds the borrowed amount, or if it is a very long duration payment program going for 5 yrs or above. Under each case stated one can reduce the past interest and penalty charges or sometimes even eliminate those and pay only the amount borrowed.
4. Obtaining a payment plan:
This payment plan is given to the consumer analyzing the capability of an individual by thoroughly going through the personal needs of an individual, his responsibilities etc after which the debt consolidator restructures the existing plans taken by the consumer.
5. Becoming debt free at a faster rate:
Taking debt consolidation program relieves a person from debts at a faster rate than the usual time, which is required to come out of the debt. Following the plans given by a debt consolidator and proper execution of the plan will surely make an individual debt free and obtain high credit scores.


The credit score is calculated using a formula provided by the Fair Isaac Corporation under the act of FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act ). The three national bureaucrats dealing with credit reports are Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. The credit report can vary between these three credit bureaus since the credit reporters do not submit the reports in all three bureaus. Basically it is the procedure that one‘s credit report is the average taken from the values of these three bureaus. There may be a small difference existing between these bureaucracies credit reports which doesn’t seem to harm any of the customers credit score hence no issue has arisen till now in regards to the above.