Thursday, June 19, 2008

Professional Development

The recommendations

Teachers should be fully aware of the school's Internet access arrangements so that they know whether access to the web and to newsgroups is filtered or blocked at all.
Senior management should ensure that appropriate time and resources for professional development are made available so that staff can keep themselves up to date with Internet issues and use.
All staff should be able to engage in a professional development programme which covers at least the following basic objectives:
o using and understanding the Internet;
o appreciating the strengths and weaknesses of the Internet;
o understanding the potential role of the Internet across the curriculum;
o recognizing how Internet use and Personal Safety Programmes can reinforce each other;
o developing Internet-related policies with ethically-sound foundations; and,
o responding to queries from other professionals and from the wider community regarding the Internet arrangements and policies within their own establishment, and the underlying rationale.

· Schools are likely to benefit from having their own small group, which keeps up to date with Internet and Child Safety issues and shares new experience with colleagues.

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