Monday, September 07, 2009

ISRO Plan To Launch Satellites To Facilitate Rural India

Something from the outer space, International Space Station and Discovery shuttle will soon get back from space after they accomplish their new mission. And, this time they’re out there to collect a ton of space station junk, surplus gear and completed science experiment apparatus.
On the other side India’s maiden moon mission Chandrayaan I is still collecting data and analysis about what went wrong. Apparently its going to take another couple of years, may be. ISRO Chairman G. Madhavan Nair said, “We had anticipated some problems at the beginning and wanted to complete important experiments much earlier. About 95% of data collection has been completed and analysis will take another six months to two years.”

After ISRO’s launch of Bhuvan, India’s version of Google Earth there has been hardly any progress from their end. Recently ISRO announced that they’ll design a satellite for villages to get connectivity. More than about 50,000 villages out of the 60,000 in India will be connected after the launch of this satellite. There have been many instances where companies are looking to target rural India, be it mobile players, internet service providers and so on. Including the Union Budget 09-10, it seems everyone coming up with something new face to a huge question, ‘What about Rural India?’ It certainly poses one of the greatest opportunities for penetration, and I wouldn’t be surprised if soon get to read an article – Rural India, Mother of all opportunities!

This time to assess agricultural conditions and weather effectively to help people on the ground in co-ordination with other government agencies, ISRO also plan to build two satellites for environment monitoring. One of the sattelites would study aerosols and other related things. while the second one would trace gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide and sulphur dioxide, among others. They would be built at the Bangalore-headquartered ISRO while on the other hand they’re also looking to take man to circumnavigate the earth by 2015!

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