Monday, October 26, 2009

Ares I-X GO For Launch on October 27th

Often, in the readiness review prior to any launch, there are several open items, “I-forgots,” or other work still left to do before a mission is given a go-ahead for launch. Today, the Ares I-X had nearly every box checked. The Ares I-X team has certainly done its homework, and what little remains can be completed in the next couple of days before launch.

Generally speaking, technical issues can hold up a flight readiness review. If the hardware or software isn’t working, the launch could be delayed until the problem is fixed. However for I-X there was nothing to talk about. No technical problems are affecting the mission. Again, the team has done its work and because of that, we got a relatively trouble-free readiness review.

The only remaining question mark is the weather, which is still touch and go right now. Forecasts are predicting a 40% chance of favorable weather on Tuesday.

But the hard parts—the things NASA can do something about—are all good to go.

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